nyáresti merengéshez kiválóan alkalmas


hosszú percek óta teljes csend az irodában, mindenki elvan a saját kis világában, aztán egyszer csak egy hangot lehet hallani:

"nem tud valaki egy jó d’n’b bulit a városban?"

Hogy nevezi vancsa istvan a siralyt?


Available for licensing at:

Vocals: Luke Standridge
Guitars: James Everingham
Programming: James Everingham & Luke Standridge

Thanks to @lukestandridge for the vocals and some synths!

Here’s a track that appears to have slipped through the net - at least I’m pretty sure I haven’t released it. If you know different, please let me know!
This is what happens when you record and release such a ridiculous amount of music.

I record everything I play.
My studio is set up so that it is very easy to switch everything on, press record, start to play and see what happens.
Because most of my music is improvised and recorded live, this works well for me. (It also partly explains why I can record so much music).

In March 2012, I was ill with the flu.
There is a week I don’t remember much about but it seems somewhere in that flu/medicated haze I recorded some music - actually a lot of it!
Some was strange and some frankly rubbish. A lot of it was surprisingly good - very chilled and atmospheric.
Much of the music recorded in that week became the Landscape and Dfift album (more info: http://www.bingsatellites.com/releases/landscapeanddrift/), while other tracks appeared on various other albums.

This track nearly got away.
I’m planning to release Landscape and Drift on CD. Maybe I’ll include this as a bonus track.

Update: This track will included as a bonus track on the CD version of Landscape and Drift.
More info at http://www.bingsatellites.com/releases/landscapeanddrift/

Heteroli xP

Heteroli xP